Manheim Group

The Manheim Group in the UK offers the widest range of automotive products and services in the industry.

The Group is made up of 3 business divisions (see chart below) from which the entire Manheim product range is available. Our business divisions are inextricably linked by the used vehicle lifecycle and many of our customers use services from more than one division, carefully managed by a team of dedicated account managers.

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With over 60 years of expertise and 24 business locations throughout the UK, we offer vehicle manufacturers, dealers, fleet and leasing companies and the general public and unparalleled range of automotive solutions that integral to the 4 stages of the lifecycle of used vehicles: in-use, off-use, wholesale and retail.

In the UK alone our services influence the wholesale or retail sale of ¾ million vehicles every year.

#1. In use - Vehicle being driven by a company car driver or private motorist #2. Off use - A company car defleet or consumer part exchange #3. Wholesale - The sale of the vehicle into the wholesale market #4. Retail - The retail sale to a consumer or a business by a motor dealer


Our ‘In-Use’ services, designed to keep businesses in touch with their customers during vehicle usage, include:

  • Customer relationship management systems for after-sales contact and service enhancement
  • Mid-life vehicle inspection services
  • Mid-life vehicle reconditioning services


Our ‘Off-Use’ services enable vehicles to be taken out of use efficiently and include:

  • Logistics management
  • Defleet management
  • Full inspection at point of defleet
  • Inspection and collection
  • Smart repairs
  • Asset management
  • Debt recovery


Our ‘Wholesale’ services, offering a wide range of remarketing sales channels and management services, include:

  • 20 remarketing locations throughout the UK
  • 11 locations within Continental Europe
  • Live simultaneous online broadcast of physical auctions – Simulcast
  • Direct and discreet trade channels
  • Electronic auction and fixed price locators
  • Fully outsourced remarketing
  • Remarketing management systems
  • Wholesale market intelligence


Our ‘Retail’ services help dealers generate, manage and maintain consumer interest and include:

  • Branded consumer websites
  • Used car stock locators
  • Showroom systems for sales promotion
  • Professional photography
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Sales lead management systems
  • After-sales customer relationship systems

If you require any more information about the Manheim Group in the UK please call us on 0844 856 4625 or email us.