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Ever wondered how simple things would be if you could go online and bid for cars and commercial vehicles, any time of day? Well, our timed Bid Events let you do exactly that. Vehicles are listed online with the Bid Event start and end time shown, before the auction begins take a look at the detailed photos of the vehicle alongside specification and condition reports. Then get ready to place bids against the clock 24/7, during the scheduled Bid Event dates and times, for the vehicles you want. If you’re outbid, you can bid again any time before the listing ends, at which point the highest bidder usually wins. We think this is the simplest and most convenient way to buy a car. See Bid Events online now  >

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Bid When it’s Convenient for You. It’s That Simple

Manheim’s Online Director Dave Parry loves the drama of online Bid Events and shares a little insight into how they work. "Quite simply, you can bid whenever you want, from wherever you happen to be. Twenty-four hours a day," he explains. "We keep you fully informed about how the sale’s going too, so if you’re ever outbid you’re always first to know.
"You choose how to bid; you can compete with other bidders bid for bid, or go straight in with your maximum offer and see if anyone goes higher. "Just like on consumer auction sites, some bidders use strategy and wait until the very last seconds before placing their bids." Search for Bid Events online  >

Helpful Hints for buying with Bid Events

We’re keen to help make sure you get the most from each of our online buying channels. So to quickly get you up to speed, we’ve put together a number of Top Tips for using our timed Bid Events.

These should give you an insight into how this convenient way-to-buy works, plus give you the confidence to begin bidding and buying online in next to no time at all.

•    Check how long the listing is for – vehicles are available to buy online for a fixed period of time
•    Add vehicles to your watch list so you can easily keep track of any other bids during the listing – we’ll let you know when bids are made
•    Decide how you want to bid. You can start small then compete bid for bid with other potential buyers until the auction ends
•    Alternatively, you can place your highest bid. Other bidders won’t see your maximum but will still have to place incremental bids until they outbid you
•    Remember, you can bid at any time – the vehicles are online 24/7 for as long as the listing lasts
•    Look out for the listings which also appear with a Buy Now price – if the price is right you can shortcut the bidding process and buy with a click

Simple Vehicle Auctions

•    Cars are listed online for a set period of time
•    Register a bid online with a few simple clicks
•    Compete with other bidders, bid for bid, until the auction ends
•    Bid any time, 24/7, during the listing
•    Study vehicle info and detailed images online
•    Receive instant notification if you’re outbid
•    If you’re the highest bidder, you could win the vehicle

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Make it Simple with Bid Events at Manheim

Here’s how it works

•             Search our sales channels for Bid Event listings
•             These vehicles are listed for a fixed period of time – usually several days
•             Every listing contains detailed images and full vehicle information
•             You can access these listings online, 24/7
•             Browse and bid from any location using your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC
•             Place your bid online whenever it suits you
•             If you’re the highest bidder when the listing ends, you usually win the auction

Making it Simple

Trade Sales Team

Make finding stock simple, with daily searching on your behalf

Online Auctions

Bidding realtime is simple with our online sales hosted by a live auctioneer

Buy Now

Buy online 24/7 at a fixed price with a simple click, anytime, anywhere


The simple way to bid live from any location using your mobile, tablet or laptop

Compete with other online bidders, bid-for-bid. Or go straight in with your maximum offer

Got a question? If you'd like to know more about Bid Events, bidding and buying online or have a specific question, feel free to contact us today.

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