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We’ve teamed up with NextGear Capital to offer you a flexible Stocking Plan that delivers a cost effective and convenient way to buy and manage your stock.

Created especially for independent and franchised used vehicle dealers, the NextGear Capital Stocking Plan is tailored to your dealership and your stock profile with their tiered pricing approach. Find out how a Stocking Plan could make a significant difference to your business, your selling power and your profitability.

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Benefits of NextGear Capital

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Free up cash flow

Could help you release vital funds currently tied up in your business

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Increase buying power

Gives you the confidence to expand or upgrade your stock lines

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Drive your sales

Access to funding helps develop your business and improve profitability

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Simple auction process

Auction purchases can be allocated straight to your Stocking Plan

Release some of the funds tied up in your business
Research shows that many dealers use their own capital, business loans or even an overdraft to fund stock purchases, yet none of these routes are ideal. The NextGear Capital Stocking Plan has been purposely developed for used-vehicle dealers, providing a more cost-effective, transparent and simple way to fund additional stock.

Drive your sales
Imagine how you could drive sales if you had access to a greater volume, upgraded or even different stock. Perhaps you’d buy more of what you know sells well, add premium vehicles to your forecourt, or simply expand your current range. A Stocking Plan from NextGear Capital could provide you with the funds to open up new lines of stock you’ve not previously considered. And this extra buying power could make a real difference to your sales performance, your profitability and your business ambitions.

Simple Auction Experience
A NextGear Capital Stocking Plan could make your Manheim auction experience even faster and easier. Payment can be made instantly at the click of a button and our auction cash office will allocate the vehicles straight to your Stocking Plan. Just let our auction centre team know you’re a NextGear Capital buyer at registration and you want to use your Stocking Plan. We’ll handle everything on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on buying stock at the sale.

Make your auction process even simpler with StockMaster; NextGear Capital’s on the go solution to view and fund your pending vehicles without needing to queue at the cash office!

A NextGear Capital Stocking Plan could boost your business, your selling power and your profitability.
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