Proxy Bidding Explained

Proxy bidding lets you bid for vehicles even when you can't attend the auction.
Registered trade buyers are able make use of proxy bidding facilities. Members of the general public cannot bid online.

Proxy bidding is only available via or Simulcast and enables registered trade buyers to make a bid on a vehicle even when they cannot attend an auction in person, or watch remotely via Simulcast or Online Auctions.

Proxy bids are placed before the vehicles are offered and once a bid has been placed, the system will bid on the vehicle up to the maximum amount entered.

Here’s how it works:

  • • First, find a vehicle you are interested in on
  • • Next, check the vehicle is available for online buying – this can be done by looking for the ‘Buy | Bid’ icon on vehicle search results or catalogue listings or by checking ‘In Lane Buying’ alongside vehicle details
  • • Provided the vehicle hasn’t yet been offered for sale in the physical auction, you will then be invited to place your maximum amount as a proxy bid, using the ‘Place Proxy Bid’ button
    • • Your proxy bid can be made in whole pounds – e.g. £1001, not £1001.50 - and any amount
    • • You can also add, amend or remove a proxy bid prior to the auction start time
    • • However, you cannot add, amend or remove a proxy bid whilst the auction is taking place, or after the auction has ended
      • • Prior to the vehicle being offered, you won’t be informed of the status of your proxy bid
      • • Once the auction is under way, your proxy bid will be submitted, as long as the proxy bid is more than the current highest bid, and falls within the pattern of the auctioneer's increments. For example:
        • • An online user has entered a proxy bid for £1,000. The highest bid is currently at £950. The auctioneer is accepting bids in increments of £100. In this instance, although the proxy bid is higher than the current highest bid, the next accepted bid must be for the value of £1,050, which is higher than the proxy bid the user entered. Therefore, this proxy bid will not be registered on the system

  • Things to know:

  • • If there are multiple proxy bids on a vehicle, the proxy bid could register for any bidder. Bidding is random and there is no order of whose proxy bid will register first
  • • If a vehicle is re-offered during an auction, any proxy bids placed on your behalf will be submitted again
  • • Any proxy bids that are below the starting asking price will not be submitted as bids to the auctioneer
  • • If the asking price falls below your maximum bid, the system will only bid the minimum amount required to outbid the competing bidders
  • • All proxy bids are managed by the Simulcast application and no bid history will be shown through
    • • At the time of sale, if the bid placed does not fall within the current increments of the bid amounts allowed, that proxy bid will NOT register with the system
    • • Any proxy bid may be rejected by Manheim, for any reason including where there has been a change of information regarding a vehicle, but Manheim will not be obliged to cancel proxy bids