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Employers Must Put the Brakes on Speeding for Work

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Nearly half of Britons who drive for work admit to speeding – and a quarter of them are more inclined to exceed the speed limits in employee-owned vehicles rather than their own.

The study by Masternaut was aimed at finding out how willing employees are to speed while driving for work, says Fleet World. Undertaken as part of Road Safety Week, the survey involved 2,000 UK employees who drive as part of their job.
The results showed that half of the drivers who admitted to speeding said they would be more likely to speed to get to a work appointment than for a personal appointment.

Exeter – the “speeding capital” of the UK – topped the list of speedy cities. A large majority – 84% – of people in the city admitted to speeding. This was followed by York and Leeds, where a respective 64.9% and 60% of the respondents admitted to driving too fast.

The most speed-conscious city was Cardiff, where just 23% of the drivers confessed to breaking speed limits.

The study comes as telematics firm Masternaut also released a whitepaper which calls for transport companies, fleet operators and field service organisations to prioritise the reduction of corporate risk and the improvement of staff health and safety.

A time lapse photo of car headlights in a cityThe report lays out the steps companies should take to build risk assessments to comply with UK legislation and ensure the safety of all road users.

Martin Hiscox, Masternaut’s chief executive and chairman, said: “We were surprised that people feel that it’s more acceptable to speed for work than pleasure and there’s a serious message about the role of the employer in providing duty of care to their staff and the public at large.”

“Speeding is an issue that employers need to put the brakes on, whether their staff are driving their own vehicles or those provided by the company,” he added.

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