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5 ways to engage customers with social media

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For anyone running a car dealership, social media might not be top priority. Email marketing and direct mail have worked well, so why reinvent the wheel?

But social media has become normal practice, checking Facebook, reading consumer reviews and interacting on digital platforms is a daily activity for the majority of us.

The challenge for a business is how to capitalise on social media interaction. Customers use social platforms for information, research and customer service, regardless of whether a business has a social presence or not. 
Providing valuable content and great customer experience on social platforms is essential.

If you are still at the social media experimentation stage, here's some ways you can take things to the next level, engage with your customers and create a social media strategy.


Video is consistently proven to lead to engagement on social channels. A video about your business will allow customers to engage with your brand to a much greater degree than if they were simply reading a leaflet about what you do.


What you post on social media is crucial to the success of your campaigns. You want your posts to be as eye-catching as they are on-brand. Your aim is for users to click through to your website, so make sure the page they land on is relevant, informative, and doesn't take too long to load.


A blog tells a story. Your blog should be chatty, easy to read and work towards developing a lasting connection with customers.


The whole premise of social media is that it is a conversation. Encourage social users to leave comments and express their opinions. And if you receive negative feedback, show that you are working to rectify the issue. Your customers will appreciate the effort.


Sharing is the magic of social media. If you post something that resonates with a customer, they will want to pass it on. And the more people that do, the more visibility (and credibility) your brand will receive.

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