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75% of car buyers weigh up fuel efficiency when purchasing

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Fuel-efficiency is climbing up the list of priorities for car buyers, says Car Dealer magazine.

While price is still the make-or-break factor for people who are looking for a new car – 97% of people look at price first – their final choice is increasingly likely to be swayed by a vehicle’s green credentials.

This the finding of a new study by Black Horse and YouGov. The survey found that fuel-efficiency and low CO2 emissions are paramount for 75% of consumers.

Technology also features as a selling point: entertainment systems are an important consideration for 60% of consumers when choosing their next car, while 34% are looking for tech solutions such as tyre-pressure indicators, and 38% want a in-built satellite-navigation system.
The survey backs up the old stereotype that women are enticed by a motor’s colour while men prefer technology features such as entertainment systems and in-car connectivity.
The colour of a car is important for 60% of women aged between 25-34, yet only 44% of men feel this is important; and in-car connectivity is important for 43% of women whereas 51% of men would base their decision on this feature.

The survey also revealed fuel-efficiency is more likely to be a requirement for women than for men. Eight out of ten (80%) of the female respondents consider environmentally-friendly credentials to be important, compared with just over seven out of ten men, or 72%.

There were regional differences too. Car buyers in London were least interested in the green credentials of prospective cars (69%), compared with over three-quarters (77%) of those located in the north and east of England. Londoners were instead more interested in a vehicle’s top-speed capabilities (57%) whereas nationwide this was a concern for just 50% of those surveyed.
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Chris Sutton, managing director of Black Horse, commented: “While it is clear price remains the key consideration when buying a car, fuel efficiency is becoming increasingly important to consumers. This research demonstrates more and more people are buying cars that are not only environmentally friendly, but can save them money in the long term.”

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