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Weekly auction update from Andy Conde - 17th July 2015

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It’s pretty obvious to everyone involved in the auction industry that trade remains strong and the retail demand is high as the retailers are selling plenty of units.

The big change from a retail perspective is that many of our larger supermarket and dealer group customers appear to have the emphasis on volume sold rather than profits. While this may not be growing bottom line profit, it is keeping the wheels of industry turning and allowing them to come back to the auctions week after week to replenish their stock.  

When the job is as it is, buyers are looking for fast and efficient service from the auctions and if they can buy it, clean it and sell it with very little additional out lay, they will pay over and above the odds to acquire the right product.

I saw a report this week from a competitor that the convertible markets were on the up, I have been saying this for the past 4 or 5 weeks. After all, we are in the midst of summer and if they are not strong now, they never will be but there is also a far greater choice than ever before.  

Andy CondeHowever, what amazes me is the strength of the 4 x 4 markets. Historically the summer months see a decline but this year, prices and demand have remained very steady throughout and come the autumn, with winter around the corner, I can see prices and demand having an even greater increase than previous years.

Keep smiling and don’t forget… Bid making and not bid taking is the name of the game!

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