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Family friendly models dominate as used car buyers gear up for the summer getaway

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Family friendly vehicles were the flavour of the month for used car buyers in June, according to Glass's. This is often the case as at this time of year, when families are looking for holiday getaway cars, says Automotive Online.
People carriers and 4x4s dominated the market last month, the valuations firm revealed. The fastest selling used car was the Nissan Pathfinder, while Peugeot's 5008 took second place.

The Dacia Duster has made a breakthrough with buyers, entering Glass's 'Hot Five' for the first time, taking third. Coming in at fourth and fifth were the Chrysler Grand Voyager and Ford Kuga.

Glass's works out its monthly Hot Five based on price observations of 300 models over a four-week period. The set is then split by range and an average worked out by the number of days the cars have been advertised on web portals.

Of the first-placed Nissan, Rupert Pontin, Glass's head of valuations, said it offers "great space and acceptable running costs" which make it popular as both a "family and small business friendly car".

The Peugeot 5008 is a good bet, especially as a retail proposition, offering good value for money. Meanwhile "value brand" Dacia's Duster is showing real customer appeal in the used sector, and the Grand Voyager from Chrysler shows how families are looking for "larger and more robust MPVs".

Finally, the Ford Kuga has "road presence" and attracts the "discerning buyer looking for a bit of exclusivity", said Pontin.

"Used car sales at this time of year are often dominated by family friendly cars as the holiday getaway is top of mind for buyers. All of the vehicles that have made the top five represent excellent value for families," he added.

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