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Fleets warned: remember to remove personal data from vehicles before resale

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Fleets are being warned about security amid concerns over the volume of vehicles entering the remarketing process that still contain personal data, fleet operators' association ACFO reports.

A survey of members, undertaken by the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA), has shown that security is an issue in the sector.

The overwhelming majority of respondents (90%) said there isn't enough clarity around personal data security protocols and procedures for removing that data prior to the vehicle resale.

Another 75% believe that a robust practice for personal data removal is not being applied consistently, while 56% of respondents also said that current protocols do not ensure adequate protection for the end-user of the vehicle.

The question is: who is ultimately responsible for the removal of personal data in fleets?

Some 59% of those surveyed said the responsibility lies with the driver, who should remove the data prior to handing over a vehicle. However the balance believe that the inventory owner (OEM or leasing company) or the dealer where the vehicle was subject to a part-exchange transaction is responsible.

John Davies, chairman of the VRA, said the remarketing sector must agree a set of standard protocols for the removal of personal data from returning vehicles.

He added: "Until this is achieved, we will continue to see uncertainty and more importantly an inconsistent approach to this very important issue.

"Perhaps as a good first step, the corporate inventory owners should highlight the risks to their customers/drivers and issue a clear set of guidelines on why and how to remove personal data stored in vehicles before they are handed over or exchanged for another one."

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