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Millennials like SUVs, European survey shows

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SUVs are highly desired by young car buyers, according to a new European survey commissioned by Ford.

The car maker found that Millennials -- those aged 17-34 -- are more likely than other age groups to say that SUVs make them feel powerful when they drive, are the kind of vehicle they want to be seen in and are more sporty and fun to drive than other vehicle types.

They are also more likely than average to consider it important that a car is perfect for an active lifestyle, with half believing this better describes SUVs than other types of vehicle.
The findings suggest that Europe's SUV boom is poised to accelerate.
"The survey makes two important points -- the SUV boom in Europe is not a passing fad and young people are not as ambivalent about car ownership as some suggest -- especially when it comes to SUVs," commented Roelant de Waard, vice president of Marketing, Sales and Service at Ford of Europe. "For both rational and emotional reasons, many younger buyers in Europe see SUVs as the perfect choice for them."

SUV at a car auctionMillennials now account for a significant share of the market, with 24% of Europe's adult population aged 34 or under.

The Ford survey, which was carried out by strategic research consultancy Benenson Strategy Group among 5,000 adults in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, showed that one in four Millennials who intend to purchase a vehicle in the next year are considering an SUV.

SUV sales in Europe are set to increase from 20% of total passenger car sales in 2014 to 27% by 2020, according to research by IHS.

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