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Mobile-first approach pays off for Manheim

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•    Manheim year-on-year mobile visits rose by 429% in July
•    26% of users now visit Manheim’s website via mobile
•    Mobile-optimised website underpins mobile-first strategy

Following the launch of its new website, Manheim saw year-on-year mobile visits surge by 429% in July, coinciding with data from Ofcom that smartphones are, for the first time, the most popular way to get online in the UK.

When going online generally, 33% of consumers use mobile phones – and the figure for Manheim’s new and now mobile-optimised website is 26%. While most users still access Manheim.co.uk from a laptop (58%), this figure has fallen significantly from 2013, when 87% of visitors were using a laptop.
The proportion of customers using mobile devices to access Manheim’s website grew from 5% in 2013 to 8% in 2014, and has leapt to 26% in 2015.

Manheim’s new website, which launched in May, represented a significant investment in technology to help customers do business, creating an unrivalled platform for launching future innovations that will make buying and selling cars faster, smarter and easier.

Manheim website on a mobile deviceDavid Flesher, Head of Digital Marketing at Manheim, said: “We completely transformed our mobile experience, moving from a dedicated mobile website to a single, responsive design. More customers are accessing the website on mobile, and are actually visiting more as a result.

“Much of the growth in mobile has undoubtedly been driven by consumers, and in particular social media, news and retail, but our figures show that having a mobile-first approach is just as important to B2B businesses and we continue to develop our experience to support this growing trend.”

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