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Partners play bigger part in car purchasing process than price

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When considering which car to buy, consumers in the UK are more influenced by their spouses than by price, according to a new report by intelligence firm Rocket Fuel.

The firm's latest research, which included a survey of 329 British car buyers, showed that for 25% of respondents, the input of a spouse or partner is the greatest influence in the purchasing decision.

By comparison, just 22% cited price and 15% said previous make or model ownership was the biggest influence on their purchase.
Women are 25% more likely to take their partner's views into consideration, while men are 50% more likely to be influenced by the price of the vehicle.
However, the older generation – aged 55+ – generally doesn't care what their partner thinks about their car purchase (84% stated this was the case). Brits aged between 35 and 54 are more than twice as likely to be influenced by their partner as the over-55s.

The biggest turnoff appears to be car dealer salesmen: only 2% named them as the greatest influence on their purchase decision.

Customer receiving car keysCar buyers' online interactions also formed part of the research. Although completing a car purchase online is not yet commonplace, more than three quarters (76%) of Brits take at least one digital action during their purchase journey – such as booking a test drive, ordering a brochure or configuring a car.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, millennials are more likely to research their new car online before purchasing it than any other generation (84% against an average of 74%).

Age gap differences also exist in car buyers' loyalty to brands. Older Brits are more likely to stick with their existing car brand: almost a third (29%) of over-55s said that the make or model previously owned was the biggest single influence in their car purchase decision. This was twice as many as the younger generations.

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