RADA training for Manheim auctioneers

RADA helps Manheim’s trainee auctioneers to find their voice

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Manheim has taken advantage of ‘RADA in Business’ training from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to provide vocal impact coaching for the trainees in its Auctioneers Academy. Regular auction goers will appreciate the importance of the auctioneer’s voice – their most important asset.

The training was delivered by Sue Meadows, who holds a post-graduate diploma in voice studies from the Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD) and has worked as a vocal skills expert for the past 15 years. Sue, who works with a wide range of corporate, government and media clients, said:In many ways, auctioneers at the rostrum must deploy the same skills as actors on the stage or in front of the camera.
The techniques taught by RADA in Business reflect those used by actors to convey their message, and provided the trainee auctioneers with coaching on how to use their body, breath and voice to develop their personal impact, as well as their perception of themselves and others.

Auctioneers in training with ManheimAndy Conde, General Manager of Group Auctioneers at Manheim: “Our Auctioneers Academy is unique in the UK – no other organisation in any sector has a dedicated programme to train the next generation of ‘masters of the gavel’. The current cohort of trainees is superb, with some really bright stars who are sure to make an impact on the rostrum.

“I have always drawn parallels between auctioneers and thespians, so it was fantastic to be part of the RADA in Business training, which absolutely supports our aim to help our auctioneers become more confident and compelling communicators. The bottom line for Manheim and our customers is that more effective auctioneers help to sell their vehicles more quickly, for the best possible prices.”

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