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Recession is still fresh in the mind of fleet managers

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A new study has shown that company car operators are still in recessionary mode when it comes to determining fleet policy, AM Online reports.

According to the latest Company Car Trends report from GE Capital Fleet Services, the most important factors for managers when setting fleet policies are reliability, whole life costs and CO2 emissions.

The majority of fleet operators – 53% – named reliability as their top priority, however close behind came whole life costs at 48%. CO2 output remains in focus in third place on the list, mentioned by 32% of respondents, due to its impact on taxation and overall fleet performance.
53% of fleet operators named reliability as their top priority.
Also important were vehicle purchase price, along with the discount received, said 30% of respondents. Another 22% of fleet managers named residual values as a priority, while fuel consumption was cited by 19%. Fuel consumption, however, is already effectively managed through the choice of low CO2 vehicles.
When drawing up policies, only 10% of decision-makers pay attention to corporate brand and image.
Gary Killeen, managing director at GE Capital Fleet Services, said the study shows "how fleets continue to manage with a mindset that is only just moving out of recessionary mode."

Another question posed by the researchers asked what factors were included in vehicle selection policies for employees eligible for company cars.

"The top factor named here is 'fitness for purpose' which is mentioned by 64% of those who took part in the survey, while 60% also cite 'CO2 emissions limit'," Killeen said.

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