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Manheim smashes monthly sales record for third time in 2015

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Manheim UK, part of the world’s largest automotive services business, has broken its monthly auction sales record for the third time in 2015, signifying its successive and sustained growth in the remarketing sector.

Busy Manheim auction centreThe company’s figures from July 2015 show that it sold more units across all of its sales channels than any previous month, with a record 38% of this number sold through its online platforms, including its award-winning remote bidding system, Simulcast.

In May, Manheim launched its new website, which represented a significant investment in technology and demonstrated the company’s commitment to delivering the best possible customer service. The new website is already receiving more visitors than its predecessor, and is also showing major growth in visits from customers accessing it from mobile devices.

Manheim’s auction sales volume was up 6.4% year-on-year from July 2014 and was 13.1% higher than the total units sold in July 2013. Average unit selling price has also seen sustained growth, with data from July 2015 showing a 2.7% increase from the same month the previous year, with the average vehicle selling for 12.5% more than it did July 2013.

As well as selling price, average days in stock were nearly 2% down year-on-year, and vehicle grade had also improved. Manheim has proactively engaged with vendors in proving the positive return on investment that can be generated from reconditioning lower grade vehicles.

Michael Buxton, CEO of Manheim UK said: “To break our monthly sales record for the third time in 2015 clearly shows that we are not only growing our business, but that we are growing it sustainably by developing our customer relationships and consistently delivering impressive performance.
Manheim is committed to innovation and developing its products and services, including through the application of new technologies, to make buying and selling cars faster, smarter and easier.

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