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Telematics: The technology set to take fleet management by storm

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Telematics is becoming the most talked about in-vehicle technology, which could be used to improve driver behaviour, says Fleet News.
A survey by LeasePlan shows that 38% of drivers say their behaviour would change if their vehicle were fitted with telematics.

Of these, 14% said it would make them drive more cautiously, 7% believe it would make them drive more slowly, while another 17% said telematics would make them consider their fuel consumption more.

The technology enables risk management, improves driver safety and delivers cost savings, LeasePlan's Global Mobility Monitor survey found. As well as lower fuel consumption, it would also lead to fewer accident claims, said the report.

In a pilot project by LeasePlan Italy, it was found that the frequency of accident claims for a fleet of 16,000 vehicles (12,800 LCV and 3,200 cars) that were equipped with telematics devices dropped by almost a third in 2015. The recovery rate of stolen vehicles increased substantially too, rising from 14% to 86%.

Telematics gives fleet managers a comprehensive overview of their fleet performance, said Matt Dyer, managing director at LeasePlan UK. However, there is work to do in communicating its benefits to drivers, he commented. Just 55% of the drivers surveyed said they would feel comfortable with an in-vehicle telematics device.

Yet according to fleet management firm Arval, drivers are already recognising the benefits of the technology, Fleet World reports.

In a study of 300 fleet decision makers, the firm found that 40% of businesses with 1,000 or more employees are already using telematics systems. Meanwhile, in companies employing 10 to 999 staff, take-up increases to over a quarter.

The main reasons for this, for larger companies, are to reduce costs (especially fuel), track vehicles, monitor driver behaviour and to improve driver safety.

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