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Weekly vans update with Matthew Davock - 29th June 2015

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Stock levels increase and auction prices soften.

This week’s catalogue numbers have increased yet again and auction numbers offered are up by as much as 25% compared to this time last year.  

Buyer registration numbers have remained healthy for this time of the year but buyer activity has drastically reduced this week in all locations, Many buyers chatting about the job to other buyers and not really paying attention to what is happening in front of the rostrum….

Auctioneering this week has been really hard work and speaking for all auctioneers we all love hard work and this week has been all about grinding out results and splitting the buyers conversations up with clever auctioneering skills.

With buyer registration numbers remaining healthy, many come with what is on their shopping lists, stick to these lists and there has been very little swaying from the lists this week. Interestingly this week the buyers are still trying to source the rarer and cleaner examples and on these lots the buyers swarm around these examples then seem to disappear back into their conversations.

Online buyer numbers have reduced and I feel this is because buyers are getting out into the auction halls to gain comparisons around how busy each of them are, as many this week are reporting stock levels remain high and enquires and retail demand has been very slow over the past 7/10 days and some saying the phone has not rang in 5 days!! On the back of this, conversion rates have reduced by around 10% this week but I honestly feel this remains positive for this time of the year and CAP performances have remained healthy also.

Model highlights this week

Volkswagen Transporter vans have been very popular with some 11 plate basic models making £9000 plus with mileages between 30,000 and 50,000. Many of these examples are still attracting strong bids from the converter buyers.

Old shape 11-13 plate Ford Transit 260/280 models have also sold well and these stock numbers seem to be coming less and less in catalogues I have seen.

Volkswagen Caddy vans have also slightly increased this week with blue air con examples making over the guide price.

Long wheel base panels and tippers have remained positive and many buyers still paying strong money but this sector is starting to get damage and mileage sensitive.

Minibus prices are finally back and many examples making around guide prices and not £1500 behind like previous weeks. Ford Transit examples still remain tachograph sensitive.

To conclude I feel seasonality is back in the light commercial world and we all need to remind ourselves to remain positive and upbeat.
Many of us who have been around a long time remember the truly bad times. Like I said earlier, I believe conversion rates and auction performance results will remain healthy; the next 3 months is all about pricing the damage and duplication product correctly and from this the buyers will stay engaged and loyal.  

Thank you again for your valued feedback and support. Until next week keep ‘Sharing the CV Love’

Thanks Matthew

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