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Almost 17m hybrid and electric cars to be on the road by 2020, new research predicts

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Almost 17 million hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) will be on the road by 2020, a new report by Juniper Research predicts.

As the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: Consumer and Commercial Markets study explains, this figure is a significant increase from the estimated 12 million last year. Juniper Research stressed the need to invest in consumer education going forward, focusing specifically on the advantages and potential of EVs. Also, there must be an 'aggressive' strategy aimed at setting up public charging outlets on all major routes.

OEMs have been urged to take an active role in consumer education, devising campaigns that will help people view EVs as a genuine alternative to combustion engines.

An empty open roadJuniper Research explains that stakeholders principally need to establish 'viability' and 'desirability' of EVs with the public, and implement a 'go to market' strategy that should include:

- The rolling-out of a nationwide public charging network, that is viewed as both ongoing and committed

- Enhancing battery life of vehicles along with range per charge

- Carrying out effective education campaigns with incentives to switch

The report found that the key focus of EV manufacturers is range. OEMs including Chevrolet and Tesla acknowledge that 'range anxiety' is the main factor preventing people from using EVs. In response to this, they have targeted their efforts towards ensuring the range on their models can surpass 200 miles when fully charged.

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