Ford Zephyr Mark II sold at a Manheim auction

Manheim sells ‘model’ example of Ford Zephyr at auction

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Manheim has sold a ‘model’ example of a Ford Zephyr Mark II at its Leeds auction centre – the exact car that was used by Corgi as the basis for its diecast version of the car.

Corgi model of the Ford Zephyr Mark II at ManheimThe cherished 1961 example of the 2.6-litre six-cylinder Ford saloon bears the registration ‘110 LAL’, which is replicated on the Corgi model of the Zephyr Mark II.

This particular car is equipped with overdrive and is well known among Ford enthusiasts. It was offered at auction with just over 82,000 miles on the clock and substantial service history, including MOT certificates dating back to 1976.

With a guide price of between £8,000 and £10,000, the unique Zephyr Mark II eventually sold for £12,100 and has gone off to a fantastic new home in the classic car collection of John Schofield, managing director of Car Transplants, the UK’s largest independent salvage company. The collection already includes around 120 classic cars, mostly British and American models.

Ford Zephyr Mark II sold at a Manheim auctionThe 86bhp Zephyr Mark II is one of the more unusual cars to pass the rostrum at Manheim’s Leeds auction centre and has local history, having been previously sold by a classic car specialist based in North Yorkshire in 2008.

Andy Conde, Manheim’s General Manager for Group Auctioneers said: “It’s a challenge to put a value on a unique car with the provenance of this example, so we were thrilled to see the Zephyr achieve such an incredible selling price and go off to a great new home to reside with some fellow classic cars.”

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