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Used car buyers favour German brands

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German premium car brands dominate the online searches of used car buyers who are looking to finance their next purchase.

A new analysis by automotive data expert cap hpi shows that German brands make up four of the top five positions in the survey and five of the top ten.

Audi at ManheimBMW tops the list, followed by Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Only Ford breaks up the German brands' dominance of the top five, coming in fourth place ahead of Volkswagen.

German-owned Porsche also makes it into the top ten in tenth place.

After Ford, the most searched-for "British" brands were Vauxhall in sixth position, Land Rover in eighth and German-owned Mini in ninth, motoring news website Eurekar noted.

Philip Nothard, consumer and retail specialist at cap hpi, commented: "Looking at the data from the number of used cars consumers are searching online, there's no arguing with the German dominance of the used market.

"German-manufactured cars are book-ending the top 10 with BMW out in front and Porsche in tenth spot. The Germans give consumers the cars they want -- engineering, a long history of car manufacturing, quality and brand recognition are just some of the factors that help them remain popular and appealing."

Here's the full top ten, showing the percentage of recorded searches in July:

1. BMW – 13.64%

2. Audi – 10.34%

3. Mercedes-Benz – 10.03%

4. Ford – 8.46%

5. Volkswagen – 8.15%

6. Vauxhall – 5.49%

7. Toyota – 3.61%

8. Land Rover – 3.45%

9. Mini – 3.13%

10. Porsche – 2.82%

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