BMW Group offsite auction hosted by Manheim

Manheim drives offsite sales success for BMW

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Manheim achieved an incredible 93% conversion rate at an offsite auction event of more than 300 cars at the BMW Group UK head office in Farnborough in October.

Bidders are a BMW Group offsite auction hosted by ManheimThe special sale was open to the BMW franchised retailer network and was facilitated by Manheim’s industry-leading digital auction technology.

The BMW Group vehicles on sale included end-of-contract staff vehicles, so the auction was also an opportunity for the company’s team members to see what happens to their company cars after they are returned.

Manheim sold 312 cars during the offsite event for an average sale price three percent above guide.

Tim Hudson, Managing Director of Manheim, said: “The offsite auction in Farnborough was a high-profile event for us and a huge team effort in achieved such a fantastic result or BMW, especially the conversion rate we recorded at a time of year when the sector typically sees conversions softening. I’m very proud of our team members who supported the event, which received superb feedback from our buyers.”

Tony Wilson, General Manager for BMW Used Cars & Internal Sales, said: “We wanted to create a special event for our franchised retailer network and we knew Manheim would deliver. The auction was a great success and we were very impressed by the whole event and the effort that went into it, both beforehand and on the day.”

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