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Smartdriverclub launches UK's first connected used car service

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The UK's first connected used car service has been launched by Smartdriverclub and is set to benefit dealers who will be able to offer the package to buyers.

The plug-in concept can be used on all cars registered after 2010 and allows dealers to retrieve data straight from the vehicle including fault codes, low battery alerts and mileage for proactive service booking, Telematics News reports.

digitalAdditionally, the in-car connectivity feature has numerous benefits for the buyer, with services including theft tracking, crash alerts, early fault warnings and fuel consumption. Smartdriverclub believes that offering this package will help boost dealers' sales propositions.

Creator of the service, motor and insurance industry expert Penny Searles, commented: "Smartdriverclub offers a simple and cost-effective upgrade which is within the reach of most used car buyers and will offer a raft of benefits in terms of safety and savings at less than the cost of a monthly music streaming service."

Three years of exclusive club membership can be bought for a one-off payment of £180, though customers can also choose to pay a £6.60 per month for 36 months, with an additional £25 one-time joining fee.

To use the Smartdriverclub service, drivers must install a device into the OBD2 port in their car and download the free, branded Viewpoint app where they will be able to access a wealth of services available to them through their membership.

Along with safety features such as breakdown and automatic emergency assistance, the app includes a 'digital mechanic' service capable of detecting faults, which could help prevent a breakdown.

The service also includes a CAP HPI-supported car valuation feature to help motorists wanting to sell their car.

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