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AA survey reveals top reasons buyers turn down used cars

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A recent survey conducted by the AA has revealed that one-third of drivers did not follow through with the purchase of a used car because there were large gaps in its service history or because extensive repair work had been carried out on the vehicle.

The survey, conducted by Populus among 18,741 AA members, also revealed that 33% of potential buyers turned down buying a car due to the state of its bodywork.

Dealer shaking hands with a coupleAs an AM-online article reports, nearly one-third of motorists claimed they decided not to buy a car because it didn't feel right when they took it for a test drive. The same number of drivers walked away from a car because the interior didn't meet their expectations.

A quarter of drivers polled said they were put off buying a car because the interior smelled of either stale cigarette smoke, sick or wet dog fur.

The results from the survey highlight just how important it is for dealers to take sufficient steps to prepare their cars for sale and ensure they meet – and if possible exceed – used car buyers' expectations.

In terms of region, drivers living in Wales were revealed to be the most critical when assessing a car's condition, whilst those living in the capital were the least picky.

Meanwhile, drivers aged over 65 are most likely to purchase a used car that isn't in perfect condition, while 18-24 year olds are the least likely to buy a car if the interior and bodywork is in poor condition.

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