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Fleets urged to provide tyre service kits

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Managers of company car and commercial vehicle fleets in the UK are being urged to equip their drivers with tyre service kits, which can be used to easily check tyre pressure, tread and condition.

Motor accessories specialist vGroup International cited figures from the Department for Transport which reveal that defective tyres were a contributory factor in crashes that resulted in 16 deaths, 146 people being seriously injured and 746 people slightly injured in 2015.

Stack of tyresIllegal, defective or under-inflated tyres are the single largest vehicle-related defect recorded by police officers as a contributory factor in road traffic collisions, the company explained.

"Drivers spending just a few minutes of their time checking their tyres at home, or in a car park or when filling up with fuel could be the difference between life and death," commented Martyn Nash, chairman of vGroup.

Tyre safety organisation TyreSafe said last week that, although the number of reported casualties caused by tyre-related defects fell in 2015, on average over 1,000 people a year are killed or injured as a result of such incidents.

The average number of casualties is higher than for faulty brakes and nearly double that for incidents causing injury where the driver's use of a mobile phone was a contributory factor.

Urging drivers to carry out regular tyre checks, TyreSafe argued that, while the need to perform many of what were once routine car maintenance checks has declined as vehicles have become more reliable, tyres still need to be regularly inspected.

They are the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road, so it is critical to ensure they are in good condition.

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