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Which new models will hold their value best?

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Whether you're buying a new or a used car, for fleet or private use, it's worth taking into account the likely residual value when you come to sell it.

The Gold Book team at automotive data expert cap hpi recently assessed new models launching in 2017 and picked the 'ones to watch' for buyers.

The shortlist includes:

Audi Q2

BMW 5 Series

Ford Fiesta

Land Rover Discovery

Mazda CX-5

Mini Countryman

Nissan Micra

Peugeot 3008

Skoda Kodiaq

Suzuki Ignis

Vauxhall Insignia

Volvo XC 60

These are the new cars expected to show particularly strong residual value performance.

Andrew Mee, senior forecasting editor at cap hpi, commented: "We predict that these models will all have strong future retained values, either because they are significantly improved over the outgoing generation of the same model, or they are brand new entries in their relevant vehicle sectors.
Future values will be supported by strong demand for early examples of these models to come onto the used market, and by high levels of design, quality, features and practicality.
cap hpi's Gold Book forecasts vehicle values for up to five years, showing the future financial risk of a car and allowing owners to manage buying and selling decisions with greater accuracy.

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