Row of vans to go through auction centre commercial vehicle lots

Fleets looking for inclusive service and maintenance with LCVs

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Controlling the cost of servicing and maintenance is the number one concern for almost two-thirds (64%) of businesses that operate light commercial vehicles (LCVs), according to a new study.

The research, carried out for Northgate Vehicle Hire, suggests that inclusive service and maintenance is a priority for businesses when they update their LCV fleets.

Vans at a UK auction centreMarket research firm GfK polled the views of a broad cross-section of businesses across the UK with fewer than 500 employees who acquire LCVs for business purposes.

Nearly half the firms questioned (45%) identified service, repair and MOT as a main cause for vehicles being off the road, second only to breakdown (53%) which typically also results in servicing and maintenance, Northgate said. Six in ten businesses (60%) considered the provision of like-for-like replacement vehicles as a key factor to consider when choosing an acquisition deal.

"Vehicle downtime is a major headache for any business using an LCV," commented Eddie Aston, UK managing director at Northgate. "Our research shows that vehicles are off the road for an average of 12 days per year and downtime means hassle, expense and, at worse, loss of business. It causes extra paperwork, unplanned expense, loss of productivity and it reduces the opportunity for advertising. Added to that, if a vehicle has been tailored to an individual business' needs, it will often be difficult to replace."

The cost of having a van off the road for a day is estimated to be around £750, including the price of a lost day's income plus the service itself, according to figures from RAC Business.

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