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Cox Automotive helps dealers get the edge with new Stock Insight tool

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Cox Automotive UK has unveiled Stock Insight, the first product from its new Data Solutions division, which helps automotive companies make smarter business decisions.

Stock Insight is a tool that gives dealers access to an unrivalled breadth of automotive data to help them increase margins, sell vehicles faster and benchmark stock against competitors.

Allison Nau, managing director of Cox Automotive Data Solutions, said: We know that benchmarking stock and keeping an eye on the competition takes time, and that a key factor in improving stock turn and profit margins is knowing exactly what sells in the area and how to price it.
“The best dealers combine their wealth of experience and knowledge with the right information, and we want to empower dealers through data to help them make even better decisions for their business, giving them the edge and helping them to maximise their profit.”

Stock Insight toolStock Insight presents dealers with a dashboard that uses simple and transparent factors that directly influence sales – including imagery, pricing, search volumes and days in stock – to help them review and refine vehicle listings based on exclusive market data from Cox Automotive.

The unique tool, which has been developed by an in-house expert team, allows dealers to see their market position and see what is selling in their area. It is available to customers and connects directly to their listings to benchmark vehicles against their dealer group stock or those listed by the competition.

Allison Nau, managing director of Cox Automotive Data SolutionsAllison Nau continued: “Our clear, easy-to-understand insights give dealers actionable alerts that allow them to optimise their stock through a single dashboard, which integrates directly with their listings. Alerts can be sent to any device to allow dealers to access data on the go and make adjustments to their stock, anytime and anywhere.”

As well as accessing retail market data from, the Stock Insight dashboard also feeds in wholesale auction data from Manheim.

Stock Insight data is also available for direct integration via a set of APIs, so dealers can feed insight from Cox Automotive into their own systems, and use it in a way that meets their business needs.

Martin Forbes, managing director of Retail and Media Solutions at Cox Automotive UK, who also oversees its Data Solutions business, commented: “We have unique access to data from the complete vehicle lifecycle, and our Data Solutions business will capitalise on this, providing our clients with exclusive market data and insights to help them make better decisions for their businesses.”

For more information about Cox Automotive Data Solutions, visit:

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