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Manheim holds first charity auction for newly-formed Hendy Foundation

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Hendy Foundation charity auction

Manheim has given the newly-formed Hendy Foundation an £850 boost with a dedicated charity auction.

The event took place at Manheim Bristol, where the Hendy Group holds a successful auction programme, and featured more than 250 Hendy vehicles.

Manheim donated £5 for every car sold to the Hendy Foundation, and the event saw a record 172 Hendy vehicles sold on a single day.

Mark Busby, Commercial Director with Hendy Group and Trustee of The Hendy Foundation, said: “We were absolutely delighted when Manheim offered to hold a charity auction in aid of our newly formed charity.

“As always, the team delivered a fantastic event and a great result despite a fairly tough market.” 

“The Hendy Foundation forms part of our commitment to the local community, something both our businesses feel very passionate about. The charity will make grants of between £500 and £5,000 that will really make a difference to the lives of people in the areas in which we operate.”

Peter Bell, Managing Director at Manheim, added: “Our highly successful 18 year partnership with Hendy Group is built on shared values, and an understanding of each other’s’ goals.”

“Doing the right thing, and leading by example are some of our guiding principles at Manheim, so we’re delighted to offer our support to this charity.  I’d like to add a big thank you to our team members and customers, who are always so generous in supporting our community initiatives.”

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