Digital Auction

Digital Auction

More freedom, less effort, bigger profitability

Digital is everywhere now, so at Manheim we’re constantly developing ways to harness its power for the benefit of our clients – so much so that we’re even winning awards.

In fact, we’ve embraced digital technology so successfully that more than all our sales now happen online. The great news is that each of these online sales means that somewhere one of our clients is saving time, money and hassle by not having to travel.

Today, our online sales channels provide the chance to view and buy stock without ever visiting our sites. Innovations like our legendary Simulcast platform even let you take part in a physical auction from anywhere in the world, live as it happens. We also provide massive amounts of useable data online too, from sales figures and market trends to superb photography and detailed condition reports. In other words, everything you need for buying, selling and growing your profits.

We can’t take all the credit. We’ve only been able to create great products because our clients have helped in their development. Dealers and manufacturers have been quick to tell us what they really need, so we’ve been quick to respond. That’s why on all of our digital products you’ll find features like user-friendly interfaces, great compatibility and clearly presented data that leaves you firmly in control, not thoroughly confused.

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