Manheim's Seller Advance vehicle valuation tools

Seller Advance

Our part-ex valuation system isn’t just ‘intelligent’ – it’s genius.
Manheim's Seller Advance vehicle valuation tools

Seller Advance uses real-time data and daily market activity to send used-vehicle valuations direct to your salespeople’s PC or digital device. Better still, with 97% accuracy it means your team can offer the most competitive – and most profitable – part-exchange prices for negotiating sales with total confidence. In fact, we think it’s the smartest and most essential used-car valuation service available today, and our dealers agree.

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Cash when you need it

We know how crucial cash flow is to your business, and Seller Advance makes it better than ever. How? Simple: our valuations are so reliably accurate that we can arrange a BACS cash advance into your bank account the very next day. We’ll just settle up any difference between the valuation and final auction sale price after the actual sale. It gives you the working capital you need for commercial growth, right when you need it.

Manheim's Seller Advance vehicle valuation tools

Better vehicle imaging

Accurate part-exchange valuations rely on clear vehicle images and our Image Capture tool simplifies the process for you. Image Capture provides up to 20 high-quality digital images showing the vehicle’s type, specification, colour and trim, plus evidence of any damage or wear & tear. With a brief description accompanying each image, plus tags to specific areas, it’s never been easier to get realistic and accurate valuations.

Manheim's Seller Advance vehicle valuation tools

Deal Maker

Deal Maker gives you a priceless overview of all the potential part exchanges right across your network, helping boost your conversions by letting you optimise the amount offered on part exchanges. In short, it helps you influence retail transactions and stay as competitive as possible. There are other big benefits too, because Deal Maker reduces the time and cost of sourcing good stock and ends the risk of having to pull vehicles from auctions at the very last minute.

Manheim's Seller Advance vehicle valuation tools

New enhancements

We’ve improved Seller Advance with new features and a more responsive, reliable design. Our improved automated remarketing system is set to continue revolutionising the world of vehicle valuation.

Responsive technology allows Seller Advance to be used on different devices
Azure cloud-based application improving reliability, security and flexibility
Simplified reporting allows buyers to view activity in one area or across their business
Sale agreed page added, in the valuations area, to provide valuable data on part-exchange vehicles arriving in stock
Intelligent search function find the cars you need instantly
Intelligent homepage, with a user dashboard to show recent activities and links to take you to your desired vehicle record at the click of a button
Expected delivery dates are now requested for all cars that match profiles created by group buyers
Profile matches are now locked to prevent chosen cars from being pushed to auction
Two-way visibility on profile match cars allowing sales users and controllers to see buyer contact details

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