Mobile Auction Unit
Mobile auction

Mobile Auction Unit

Time to scrap your sale logistic headaches.
Manheim's Mobile Auction Unit

Our Mobile Auction Unit has the people and technology to run a fully-featured auction at your own premises or a suitable location you’ve chosen. For example, by selling assets directly from de-fleet locations, we help leasing companies and fleet managers avoid the hassle and bills of transporting their stock. Integration with our Simulcast technology also helps bring physical and online buyers together at a single event.

Manheim's Mobile Auction Unit

One of our experienced auctioneers runs the sale from our customised VW Amarok, delivering a highly professional service designed to sell vehicles quickly, securely and for the best price possible. In fact, we often achieve sales prices above guide price, and our conversion rates for making sales have sometimes been as high as 100% - that’s every single vehicle sold. It’s one more example of us responding to the changing needs of our clients and their customers.

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Discover the exciting new way to save time and hassle with Manheim's Mobile Auction Unit. To speak to a member of the Buyer Services team please call

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