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We’re about long-term partnerships, not just first-class products.
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Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, so once you’ve joined us, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you stay our client. That means providing an all-round experience that helps make your job easier, more enjoyable and more profitable too. Above all it means seeing our relationship as a partnership, and treating you accordingly. The fact that so many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more speaks volumes here.

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We start by getting to know every new account holder properly, so we can really understand your business and your goals. You’ll then be assigned a dedicated Buyer Service Manager who’ll take responsibility for helping with:

•    Sourcing stock to perfectly match your buying criteria
•    Making the most of Manheim’s physical auctions
•    Providing information about any of our products and services

Your Buyer Service Manager will also help with support including:

•    Creating and managing your Simulcast account so you can bid at our auctions online, from anywhere in the world
•    Information about sales and events that might be particularly relevant to your own business
•    Ongoing support with any of our products and services

Contact us

You'll find you Buyer Service Manager at your local auction centre, they'll usually be around on any sale day. Or if you'd prefer to talk to them over the phone just call the auction centre number below. To find out more about bidding and buying in-lane, contact your local auction centre on one of the numbers below.
0333 136 1018
0333 136 1007
0333 136 1030
0333 136 1011
0333 136 1005
0333 136 1015
0333 136 1001
0333 136 1004
0333 136 1014
0333 136 1012
0333 136 1029
0333 136 1003
0333 136 1020
0333 136 1017
0333 136 1006
To speak to a member of the Buyer Services team please call 0333 136 1750.
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