Bid Event auctions at Manheim
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Bid Events

Online buying when it suits you best.
Bid Event auctions at Manheim

Buying and selling vehicles isn’t a 9-5 business, so we created Bid Events to give dealers the chance to bid for stock when it suits them, not us.

These timed sales are held regularly and last for a fixed period of several days, giving you the chance to browse and buy stock whenever you get a free moment. Vehicles are carefully photographed and detailed to help you choose wisely, and you’ll be shown each event’s start and end dates so you know exactly how much time you have left for bidding.

Car auction at Manheim

For times when you don’t want to wait for the bid event to close, you can choose from a selection of vehicles available with a Buy Now price. Last but not least, the whole Bid Event system is smooth, secure and suitable for running on any online device, from your desktop PC to a tablet or smartphone.

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Bid Events are exclusively available to members of the motor trade and hosted by Manheim Online. If you're not a account holder you can sign up today to begin bidding in online events. To find out more about Bid Events call our helpful team on 0333 136 1022.
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