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Online auction at Manheim

Like our award-winning Simulcast platform, our online auctions let you bid on the best cars for your business without any hassle or fuss, but with complete confidence wherever you bid from. The difference is that our online auctions only take place online, while Simulcast gives you online access to real ‘physical’ auctions.

Online Auctions with Manheim

Thanks to full optimisation for your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can take part in our online ‘virtual’ auctions in real time from anywhere you can get online. Options include bidding and buying with a single click or swipe, or you can even contact the auctioneer using Live Chat instant messaging. To help you choose carefully, vehicle specifications, inspection reports and pin-sharp photography all available to see and compare.

Car auction at Manheim

Exclusive sales

Our Trade Only online auctions are for motor industry people, and here you’ll get the chance to buy from dealers, manufacturers and lease or financing companies. Meanwhile, Closed Auctions are by invitation only, offering exclusive access to high-quality vehicles direct from manufacturers. All of our online auctions are expertly run by our own experienced auctioneers, and you can even plan ahead using our handy calendar showing future sale dates.

Car auction at Manheim

The real benefit of Online Auctions is the chance to compete for new stock from the convenience of your dealership, your home or anywhere with internet access, including on board trains and planes. In other words, you get the opportunity to save time, hassle and money as well as enjoying access to fantastic stock.

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Manheim Online hosts Online Auctions exclusively for members of the motor trade. If you'd like to begin bidding in Online Auctions you can register for a account today. To find out more about Online Auctions call our helpful team on 0333 136 1022.
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