360° imagery at Manheim
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360° imagery

For benefits as clear as the images themselves.
360° imagery at Manheim

At Manheim we’re all about helping people compare, choose and buy vehicles more effectively and easily, and that starts with providing the best possible view of those vehicles online. To do this, we’ve used state-of-the-art imaging technology for giving you a closer and clearer view of our vehicles, from any angle you choose.

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360° imagery at Manheim

As the name suggests, our 360° vehicle imagery service lets you rotate vehicles on-screen to look at them from every angle, using either simple navigation buttons or with drag and swipe on a touchscreen device. It’s also easy to zoom in on any area of each vehicle, ideal for a close-up look in high resolution at any marks or damage. The advantages are crystal clear: even more chance of finding and buying the vehicles you need for maximising profitability.

To see all the benefits and technical options of our 360° imaging, click here.

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