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Upgrade your part-ex experience with market-leading valuation accuracy and consistent appraisals

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We all know that consumers want their vehicle trade-in process to be easy, efficient and transparent. In fact, 33% of consumers walk away from a part-exchange deal because of a dis-agreement on the valuation. This leads to wasted time and a frustrated customer - ultimately impacting your business’s reputation.

What if the consumer was empowered to complete the valuation and appraisal process online and build their new car deal without having to leave the house? What if the process was backed by the most accurate instant valuations engine in the market? And what if you had a complete view of the entire process, allowing you to make smart and profitable decisions? That’s where our tool comes in.


Our products

eVA Valuations - Market-leading used vehicle valuations that utilise wholesale and retail data.

eVA Appraisals - A consistent online and in-store tool to facilitate the appraisal process.

eVA Underwrite - Sell your unwanted stock for a guaranteed price.

eVA Insight - Utilise Manheim insight to make smart remarketing decisions.

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