Vehicle inspections at Manheim
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Manheim SureCheck

Want vehicle checks that really suit your business? Simple, just check you’re with Manheim.
Vehicle inspections at Manheim

SureCheck. Giving you more confidence in the vehicles you buy

We know from experience that when buying at auction our customers want more confidence in the vehicle that they’re buying. SureCheck is Manheim’s pre-auction inspection service that gives you more peace of mind. It’s a non-invasive, multi-point mechanical check which lets you know more about the vehicle you’re looking at before you buy.

If you find that something is wrong with a component on our SureCheck coverage list, and we said it was ok in our inspection report, then we’ll put it right. SureCheck Cars comes in three levels of cover, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and our inspection reports are available for you to consult online and in the auction lanes before you make your bid. This enables you to get a better picture of the vehicle you’re looking at and make more informed buying decisions.

Vehicle inspection reports at Manheim

More peace of mind

Our IMI-approved and NAMA-accredited inspectors carry out checks covering everything from engines and transmission to steering, brakes and more. The finished inspection report is available online, and we also attach a printed summary to the vehicle’s windscreen, perfect for reading before and during auctions.

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Vehicle inspections at Manheim

Experience Better. Your Manheim promise

We know that when you buy at auction, thoroughly inspecting the vehicle might not be top of your to-do-list. We’re so confident in SureCheck that we’re proud to offer buyers seven days to report any issue to us. That’s five days more than anyone else in the industry. Just let us know what the issue is through our SureCheck app, and we’ll get to work. A qualified assessor may check the car to confirm the issue, and if your claim is approved, then we’ll get it sorted as soon as possible. .

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