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When it comes to listing vehicles for sale online, the importance of high-quality vehicle images cannot be underestimated. In fact, 84% of dealers told us that vehicle imagery is very important to generate interest with their customers.

QuickList Imagery takes the hassle out of capturing vehicle photographs. We’ll provide you with a pack of 12 vehicle images, within hours of purchasing your vehicle at Manheim, which can be used to advertise your vehicle online.

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We know our customers operate in a difficult environment where margin matters, and getting photos uploaded in a timely fashion can have significant impact on the achievable sale price. On average it takes dealers more than three days to get images of a vehicle, and with used vehicle depreciation at approximately £7 a day for a small family hatchback, many dealers are losing money on every vehicle.

QuickList Imagery enables you to start generating interest in your vehicles faster and saves you time taking vehicle photographs.

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