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When you read a vehicle inspection report, you need to know the inspection was carried out thoroughly, accurately and to a nationally-recognised set of standards.

At Manheim, every vehicle we auction has been carefully examined and graded by one of our qualified vehicle inspectors. Not just that, our inspectors are accredited by NAMA, the National Association of Motor Auctions. This means they work to a strict set of independently approved standards, using a clearly-defined 6-tier grading system so you know exactly what condition to expect.

Car auction at Manheim

NAMA grading is particularly useful if you’re buying online, because it gives added transparency to the whole issue of vehicle inspections and grading, and this means extra peace of mind. And the fee for all this extra peace of mind that comes from NAMA grading? There isn’t one – it’s all part of the Manheim service.

To see the six NAMA standards of vehicle grading and find out what each one means click the link below.

NAMA grading

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