Vehicle inspections at Manheim
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Vehicle inspections at Manheim

It’s easy to underestimate the value of careful, detailed and well organised vehicle inspections. The reality is that they won’t just save you time and trouble, they’ll help maximise the profitability of your business too.

We’ve seen first-hand how clients benefit from having a professional Inspection Service they can really trust, partly because it helps them forecast what their vehicles will sell for more accurately. That’s why we’ve put careful thought and considerable resources into perfecting the service we offer our clients.

Vehicle inspections at Manheim

Today, our highly-qualified inspectors carry out rigorous checks you can always count on. Better still, they operate to strict industry standards and provide a service that’s carefully tailored to fit the way your business works. Last but not least, they provide their findings and recommendations clearly, quickly and in formats you can instantly use to help maximise your turnover from sales. In fact, they’re a vital part of your commercial process.

Vehicle inspections at Manheim

Whatever suits you, suits us

We know that every business is different, and sometimes even individual transactions are different too. To help allow for this, we shape our inspection service around our clients’ specific needs, on a project-by-project basis if necessary. It means we can inspect your vehicles with your customer right there if that’s what you want, or not if you don’t.

Vehicle inspections at Manheim

Off-site inspections

We can coordinate with our vehicle collection team to inspect stock when it’s collected, always working to BVRLA ‘fair wear & tear’ guidelines, or to your own guidelines if you prefer.  Our detailed reports cover:

•    A comprehensive printed condition report for every vehicle, plus an electronically captured customer signature for your peace of mind

•    Reports detail all damage recorded, with repair cost estimates if you need them

•    Exceptions to the standards are clearly reported, with estimated repair costs generated using our up-to-date handheld database

•    Vehicle inspection results are transmitted by 3G link and made available through Manheim’s Inventory Management System

Vehicle inspections at Manheim

On-site inspections

Our on-site inspections are carried out to the same exacting standards as our off-site inspections, and they come with all the same benefits in terms of the reports we produce and the way we provide you with information. The key difference is that these inspections take place at our own auction centres once vehicles have reached us.

Inspection services atlanta house

Inspection Services location

Our qualified team of vehicle inspectors is based in a central UK location, enabling us to meet your needs with maximum efficiency. You can reach our fully equipped centre in Sutton Coldfield easily from the M6, whether you’re travelling north or south – just pop our address in your sat nav and follow the directions.

We are based at:
Manheim Inspection Services, Atlanta House
Bassett's Pole
Sutton Coldfield
B75 5SA

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