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Our repair service keeps your bottom line in tip-top condition.
Vehicle reconditioning services from Manheim

For great return on investment, reconditioning make perfect sense. By repairing minor damage like dents, scuffs and tears you can add significant sale value with minimum spend – all you need is the team to do it.

At Manheim we’ve been carrying out this kind of work for many years, already increasing the sale value of more than 100,000 vehicles. Today, our professional technicians know exactly how to improve vehicles’ cosmetic appearance without carrying out unnecessary work that doesn’t add value. Highly qualified and with great attention to detail, they’ll process your vehicles quickly, efficiently and to the kind of consistent high standard that reflects brilliantly on your brand.

Vehicle reconditioning services from Manheim

Minor body shop repairs

Ideal for cars with minor scratches, chips or scuffs to body panels and bumpers, these repairs are quick and easy for us to perform but can add significant value to your stock.

Vehicle reconditioning services from Manheim

Major body shop repairs

Dents, holes or gouging can be very off-putting to buyers, but our team offers a refill and paint service that quickly restores vehicles to their maximum resale value. Services here include reshaping, filling, priming, colour matching, painting and lacquering.

Vehicle reconditioning services from Manheim

SMART repairs

Our comprehensive SMART Repair and Reconditioning service doesn’t just improve the appearance of your vehicles, it also improves your brand’s reputation among buyers.  In fact, it could make your fleet cars the must-haves that bidders really want to compete for, pushing up their resale value and significantly boosting your profits.

SMART covers all of the following key services:

•    Removal of dents, bumper scuffs and scratches
•    Interior trim and upholstery repairs
•    Alloy wheel repairs and even minor paint and glass repairs
•    Full quality control and service management options
•    Also helps calculate end-of-contract charges for previous users

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