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Welcome to the fast lane of vehicle transportation.

When it comes to getting your vehicles into the right place at the right time, you need a logistics and transportation partner you can really count on. At Manheim we are that partner, because with 15 nationwide centres across the UK, we’ve got the scale, resources and experience to provide a genuinely amazing service; one that’s fast, efficient and totally hassle-free as well as flexible to fit your business.

Manheim's Isuzu N75 vehicle transporter

Wherever you are and however many vehicles you need moving, our access to more than 200 transporters and 500 plate drivers means the job gets done. Better still, the job gets done brilliantly because we’ve carefully handpicked and trained all of our staff, from fully-insured professional drivers to our office-based logistics experts ready for any challenge.

Cars on a transporter near a busy auction centre car lot


Movex is our own specialist business-to-business platform connecting used- vehicle transport demand with logistics supply. If you need vehicles transporting, it’s the perfect online tool for saving you time, hassle and money. If you’re a transportation company, it’s the perfect way to win new business.

Movex’s simplicity is its strong point. Users just upload details of jobs for more than 600 transport companies to bid on, then sit back and receive quotes from those companies interested in the work. We’ve even made customer reviews and transport companies’ insurance details available to view online, saving time and shrinking risk all in one go.

Join more than 7000 active users on Movex, and benefit from:
• Competitive quotes from 600+ trusted transport providers
• All providers fully insurance-checked, credit-checked and licence-checked
• Real-time tracking on every job, from collection to delivery

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