Retail solutions and digital marketing

Retail Services is changing for the better

We’re always looking for ways to improve how we do things and make life easier for our clients.  Sometimes, this means changing the way we structure and present our services.  Partly on our own initiative – and partly in response to feedback – we’re now renaming Retail Services as Modix, CloseIt and Xtime.  This change doesn’t just clarify our services and align them with our international business; we think it makes great sense for clients too.

Our three distinct retail brands each offer specialist expertise and products covering digital marketing, management and customer retention services.  Together, they provide a uniquely complete solution perfect for boosting the profitability of manufacturers, franchise networks and even independent dealers.  From picking a single service to commissioning a solution that integrates them all, this is retail support done how it should be.


The financial incentive for customer retention couldn’t be simpler, and neither is achieving it, thanks to Xtime.  Our fully customisable aftersales solution seamlessly manages all of your key operational functions, helping you keep your customers happy and loyal.  

Industry-leading scheduling and shop management helps you manage customers more effectively.

Real-time workshop management, perfect for seeing customers sooner.

Advisor app
Unique RTC customer check-in and check-out, fully optimised for tablet devices.  

Our ‘live view’ workshop is available on-screen so you always know what’s what.

Our complete electronic Vehicle Health Check system is perfect for simplifying and monitoring the inspection process.

A fully-scripted module for clear and consistent customer communications.


Modix gives you all the data, tools and services you need for marketing your vehicles and business brilliantly.  From generating sales to raising your brand’s profile, everything leads to just one outcome – a measurable increase in profitability.

Websites that wow
The world has moved online, so our websites give higher search rankings, better user experiences and bigger return on investment for clients.

Industry-leading vehicle locators
Built with our unique expertise, our vehicle locators make customer searches simpler than ever.

Unbeatable online marketing
We’ll grow your traffic, showcase your brand and maximise your sales, using the perfect messaging and the perfect channel for sharing it.   

5-star stock merchandising
Our used-car management software is the industry’s best, helping you manage your marketing more smoothly and more smartly.


Managing customer relationships is the key to maximising long-term profitability, and it starts the moment they get in touch.  CloseIt is our module-based showroom management platform; perfect for engaging your customers right from day one, then nurturing and prolonging the relationship to make it as profitable as possible.

Choose any or all of 4 different modules, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Connect to third-party systems for better integration and a smoother overall process.

CloseIt Showroom
Get detailed sales and performance data using our CRM tool.

Reception Manager
Monitor and manage customer enquiries so you never miss another opportunity to grow.

Voicesafe Enterprise
Make winning new customers easier than ever with our call recording and analysis system.

Ad Optimiser
Track and perfect your marketing performance with our unique interface.


If you've used our Retail Services products before and would like to know where you'll find them now, please click on the options below and we'll tell you whether this is now part of Modix, Xtime or CloseIt.

Automotive Marketing

Our powerful marketing solutions have been specifically developed to provide all the necessary tools to promote your business while communicating and optimising your marketing efforts across all available marketing channels.
Websites and Mobile Applications

Innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind our tailored digital web solutions.

Fully tailored web solutions

Innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind our tailored web solutions. We understand that having a unique presence on the internet and a dynamic website that is synonymous with your brand is fundamental in attracting online customers.

Combining creativity with cutting edge technology

We combine over 20 years of automotive industry expertise with creative thinking, cutting edge design and technological know how. This enables us to deliver well designed user-centric solutions that meet your core business objectives. In addition to this, we also offer full content management so you can easily update your website too.

Mobile marketing

Mobiles have become an extension of everyday lives, as more and more of your customers are searching, reading news and networking – all from their mobile devices. It is likely consumers are already accessing your website from mobile devices, and with mobile searches increasing by 400% last year, the only way is up.

Car dealer mobile websites offer unique, mobile-friendly features to help grow your dealership business, connecting your customers 24/7 via their mobile phones, making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Fully connected communications

Our car dealer SMS advertising platform allows you to deliver targeted and time sensitive text based marketing campaigns directly to consumers’ mobiles in an instant. And because it’s truly mobile, your message gets delivered no matter where they are – there is no waiting for the post to be delivered or reliance upon them checking their email.

Due to the simplicity of car dealer SMS advertising, the cost to create and deliver a campaign is minimal – there are no creative or development costs to pay – it’s a simple text message that can be tailored and personalised (with the option to embed URL’s) to the recipient.

Mobile apps

As consumers embrace the mobile revolution, mobile apps offer a great way to give your customers more from their mobile experience.

Designed to give your business a presence on all the major mobile platforms (including iPhone, Blackberry and Android), Manheim Retail Services’ hybrid mobile apps enable consumers to access information about your used vehicle stock through a dedicated branded app on their smartphone.

Vehicle Locators

With over two decades’ experience in the automotive industry, we already know how your customers search for their next vehicle.

Industry leading vehicle locators

Manheim Retail Services’ industry leading vehicle locators are built to meet both your requirements and the needs of your customers with intuitive features and functionality to create an engaging search experience.

A completely tailored solution

Our readily available plug-in vehicle locators can be quickly integrated into your existing site with your own branding or for a more advanced solution, Retail Services can build you a completely bespoke vehicle locator to meet the exact needs of your brand.

The perfect match for your business

When we incorporate our vehicle locator seamlessly into your current website, it looks like it has always belonged there. With or without bespoke elements, our experienced team will create a look and feel to your vehicle locator that perfectly mirrors your own brand identity. This gives you complete visual ownership of the product, significantly enhances the functionality of your site and delivers an engaging and intuitive experience for your customers.

Everything your customer needs to know

When a customer decides to search for vehicles on your site, you’re one step closer to a sale. Key to converting this lead into a sale is often the quality of information you deliver. That’s why our vehicle locator delivers a comprehensive library of information, from full manufacturer specifications such as make, model, fuel type, transmission and factory fitted extras, to detailed technical information.

Image is everything

Technical details and specifications can often clinch the deal but that’s not what browsers first fall in love with. When it comes to buying a used vehicle, image is everything. So to get those hearts racing, our vehicle locator delivers a comprehensive range of digital images, including multiple photos and video showcases highlighting each vehicle’s finer selling points.

Automotive Channel Marketing

Our powerful marketing solutions have been specifically developed to provide all the tools you need to promote your business, communicating your key messages across all relevant marketing channels.

Pay per click advertising

Our proven keyword selection techniques ensure your dealership name is the first your customers see the moment they begin looking for their next vehicle. With the use of location targeting, you can hone in on customers who are specifically searching within your local area or a certain radius. You can also choose keywords that will optimise your website for searches performed both on the web and using a mobile search engine.

Integrated results measurement allows you to track the performance of your trade pay per click advertising campaigns with full visibility of search engine referrals, monitoring progress right through to the sale.

Search engine optimisation

With the introduction of Google’s highly sophisticated and intelligent ranking algorithms since 2012, our SEO solutions are designed to optimise UK car dealer websites to provide the ultimate user experience and optimum user journey.

By providing your website with tools and features that information driven consumers demand in today’s competitive digital landscape, we will ensure that your website is visible to potential car buyers searching online, thereby multiplying your web traffic.

Channel your spend more effectively

Ad-Optimiser maximises your marketing budget by using industry-leading technology to power a marketing tracking, telephone number-based performance monitoring tool.

You’ll get a transparent view of how each of your marketing campaigns is performing thanks to the detailed analytics and reporting. By inputting advertising costs you’ll be able to analyse which channel is the most effective. And that means you can quickly determine which activities generate the most leads – and which aren’t worth the time or hassle.

The extensive range of instantly-available reporting options includes:

    •   Daily, weekly, and monthly analysis
    •   Missed opportunities
    •   Caller ID plus ring time
    •   Call durations

To find out more about Ad-Optimiser or to arrange a free demo of the CloseIt Complete products and services, contact the team on 01625 241 598.

Point of Sale

Professionally produced using the latest digital printing technology, our in-car and showroom marketing materials present all your essential car information in a clear and concise format.

Showcase every vehicle

Marketing your vehicles doesn’t end on the forecourt or showroom. Often, customers want to take away details of the vehicles they’re interested in to read at home. Our professionally produced A4 and A5 dealership point of sale marketing literature helps you showcase each vehicle in the best way, delivering the right messages and impressions about the vehicles and your brand.

Impressive presentations

There are times when bigger really is better, especially when you need a quick but impressive way to showcase your entire portfolio of vehicles. Our large format dealership point of sale A3 stocklists are produced with your brand in mind and provide you with a quick and easy way to present your range.

Simply Stock

The innovative plug-in locator solution that helps you present your used vehicle stock to a wider audience.

Simply stock web

Simply Stock Web is a newly developed used car locator which offers you the facility to plug a searchable used car stocklist straight into any existing website to offer an enriched and engaging environment for showing your used vehicle stock.

    • Custom colour themes
    • Multi image showcase
    • Vehicle equipment and technical specifications
    • Multiple calls to action – online, online chat and send to a friend
    • Favourites and compare tools
    • Social media plugins for Facebook and Twitter

Simply Stock Mobile

Simply Stock Mobile delivers a used car locator which is fully optimised for use on mobile phones, making it easier than ever for your customers to search for vehicles on-the-go.

Designed to work independently or alongside our Simply Stock Web product, Simply Stock Mobile allows consumers to quickly and easily search for stock via a quick search facility with the option to filter results.

    • Custom colour themes
    • Multi image showcase
    • Vehicle equipment and technical specifications
    • Social media plugins for Facebook and Twitter

Simply Stock Facebook

Simply Stock Facebook provides a powerful, yet easy to use, used car inventory for Facebook which can be added to any new or existing Facebook fan page.

Using our comprehensive plug-in, you can leverage the power of Facebook to ensure that customers visiting your fan page have the ability to browse and share used vehicle information with their friends to help drive new sales and customers.

    • Facebook branded searchable used car stocklist
    • Multi image showcase
    • Vehicle equipment and technical specifications
    • Social media plugins for Facebook and Twitter
    • Add to favourites tool
    • Multiple calls to action – online and send to a friend


Stock management

One web solution to manage the marketing of your used vehicle stock, our platform is proven to be the automotive industry’s leading used car management software.
Centralised vehicle inventory

Approved and trusted by over 16 manufacturer brands and a host of key dealer groups, our Centralised Vehicle Inventory is designed to be an all-encompassing used vehicle sales tool.

Trusted by manufacturers and dealer groups

Approved and trusted by over 16 manufacturer brands and a host of key dealer groups, our Centralised Vehicle Inventory is designed to be an all-encompassing used vehicle sales tool. With the latest in-built technology for mobile marketing, email marketing and printable point of sale, Centralised Vehicle Inventory is your virtual forecourt.

All your stock is readily available to view in a customer friendly interface and can be integrated with your website, national stock and wholesale (where available), ensuring every avenue is covered to increase valuable sales opportunities.

Powerful insight into your sales performance

To give you valuable insight into your sales performance, our suite of powerful reports provides full transparency of stock movement, sales activity, internet visitor statistics, image ratios and system usage both at local and national level.

Data management

Our track record of success makes Manheim Retail Services the industry's trusted experts for high-quality data management solutions.

The industry's data management experts

Thanks to our industry-leading data management tools, dealers now have a simple way to collate, process and distribute vehicle data.

Using our sophisticated yet easy-to-use software means data need only ever be uploaded once, offering instant cost and efficiency savings. Once this is done, it can then be held and managedfrom one central location, to be distributed at the touch of a button to any number of sales and marketing destinations.

What’s more, because our software supports multiple data destinations, dealers know that their data will always be supplied to a consistent and high-quality level.

Insights and decision tools

Our unique market insights help dealers to make more accurate and powerful decisions, keeping them one step ahead.

Market insights

Our unique industry insight helps dealers keep pace with the constantly evolving automotive market.

Web viewing and search volume data helps you intuitively predict consumer demands. Dealers with access to this insight, via easy-to-understand dashboards and reporting, are then able to react quickly, tailoring their stock buying and marketing strategies towards the vehicles that online customers really want to see and buy.


Client relationship management

The full end-to-end sales lead management system that covers all the areas needed to effectively manage your sales leads and ongoing customer relationships.
Lead management

The full end-to-end electronic sales lead management system that encompasses all the facets you need to effectively manage all of your sales leads and ongoing customer relationships.


CloseIt is a comprehensive lead management system designed to manage your sales process, increase conversion, maintain customer relationships, provide effective customer communication and develop staff performance.

Its ability to add data collection criteria as required, along with different access levels for different users, means the CloseIt interface is completely configurable to your needs.

From digital enquiry logging and direct messaging to source reporting and KPI tracking, CloseIt puts you firmly in control of your showroom.

To find out more about CloseIt or to arrange a free demo of the CloseIt Complete products and services, contact the team on 01625 241 598.

Deal Stacker

Our unique Deal Stacker module gives you control when maximising the profit on each sale opportunity, and will enhance the customer's interaction in the buying process. Allowing the offer to be tailored to their budgetary requirements, complete with full vehicle CAP configuration, so you can build their car in front of them.

Considering all aspects of the buying process, Deal Stacker takes account of every cost, from yearly fuel, to annual services, to insurance and warranties. Each section works together to ensure you present a complete package that's hard to beat. Your sales executives pass the initial feedback over to the business or sales manager through the system to work the figures around your customers’ needs.

The system will produce a comprehensive financial breakdown, highlighting the amount of profit in each key area; the vehicle, accessories, finance commission, additional products, etc. Integrating with CAP, Experian and HPI ensures all part exchange vehicles are thoroughly checked to offer your customers the best deal.

Revolutionary Process

Revolutionising the traditional sales enquiry process, Lead Management gives you the evolving technology to effectively manage any sales leads, with immediate access to your key performance figures in one consolidated online system. Tailored to suit the car buying process, our solution gives you full visibility around your dealership's sales performance.

Call management and tracking

Voicesafe Enterprise is a call recording and reporting solution, dedicated to the automotive industry which ensures your dealership is consistently delivering the right message.

The industry's data management experts

Thanks to our industry-leading data management tools, dealers now have a simple way to collate, process and distribute vehicle data.

Using our sophisticated yet easy-to-use software means data need only ever be uploaded once, offering instant cost and efficiency savings. Once this is done, it can then be held and managedfrom one central location, to be distributed at the touch of a button to any number of sales and marketing destinations.

What’s more, because our software supports multiple data destinations, dealers know that their data will always be supplied to a consistent and high-quality level.

Your calls and data… anywhere, any device

Get easy access to your calls and data - wherever you are - with Voicesafe Enterprise, a mobile ready, fully-responsive web application.

So you can cue up calls to be reviewed even if you’re on the move, then listen and browse through any device via the mobile player.

You’ll have access to everything you need from all your business locations in one centralised system. Voicesafe Enterprise also gives you unrivalled reporting and analysis of your business telephony activity, which means you’ll see opportunities where others cannot.

To find out more about Voicesafe Enterprise or to arrange a free demo of the CloseIt Complete products and services, contact the team on 01625 241 598.

No more paper or manual logs

Reception Manager is a digital version of your manual telephone enquiry log. It boosts your business efficiency by providing your receptionist with a staff availability screen that speeds up customer transfers.

With transparent reporting, you can view your enquiries in real time as well as access details for specific colleagues and sources of enquiry.

In one screen you can:
    •    Identify outstanding or time-sensitive tasks
    •    Keep track of completed items
    •    Access recorded calls and the call playback facility

View, in real time, who’s available to take calls and how soon your staff return customer enquiries.

Reception Manager also features built-in reporting tools, giving you in-depth analysis of the different types of enquiries you’re receiving. Plus, we offer an SMS option for internal and cross-dealer messaging.

To find out more about Reception Manager or to arrange a free demo of the CloseIt Complete products and services, contact the team on 01625 241 598.

Online chat

It's a fact that over 80% of all your customers will now begin their vehicle search using their mobile, tablet or PC. Live chat gives you a personal presence online and helps you make the most of every online opportunity.

Live chat

Live chat technology is fast becoming an integral part of dealers’ online strategy. With almost 90% of consumers using the internet to research their next vehicle, live chat is a proven tool in the sales process for generating better-quality, pre-qualified website leads.

Our innovative online chat software engages customers in real time conversations, building trust and improving their customer service experience. Built-in live web statistics provide you with the intelligence and full visibility around your website performance, with comprehensive reports based on user activity.

Out of hours chat

Did you know that 40% of your website visitors are online after you’ve closed for the day? That's why it’s never been more essential to be available to your online visitors when they demand it. Our out of hours live chat service will extend your business hours until 10pm, 7 days a week, all year round.

Our UK based industry specialists will support your consumers during their online journey, answering their queries live, and providing you with better quality leads.

Enquiry tracking

Enquiry tracking lets you track print ads, online channels, email marketing campaigns, or direct mail marketing, all from one centralised dashboard.

Enquiry tracking

Using dedicated telephone enquiry tracking numbers on your advertising gives you the added awareness of knowing where your customers are calling from, and which advertisements they have seen so you know exactly how your marketing is working. Enquiry tracking lets you track print ads, online channels, email marketing campaigns, or direct mail marketing, all from one centralised dashboard.

Success, by numbers

Finding out how well your advertising messages work is surprisingly straightforward. By embedding a specific phone number into all your call to actions, enquiry tracking helps you find out which ads get the best response. Enquiry tracking will also provide you with an easy to use online dashboard that monitors results and provides up-to-date information about your online, print or event email marketing streams.

Give your sales performance a boost

Why do some phone enquiries result in sales and others don’t? There are many reasons, but quite often a lead becomes a sale because the enquiry is handled in a specific way. Enquiry tracking lets you record incoming phone enquiries then download and play them back to discover why certain approaches work. It’s an ideal way to help train your teams and give your sales performance a real shot in the arm.



In today’s competitive online market, the quality of your images can often make the difference between customers looking at your vehicles and loving them.
Vehicle photography

Our full range of professional imagery solutions deliver the industry's most effective way to showcase vehicles and could increase sales by up to 20%.

Vehicle photography

Our automotive photography combines technical expertise with creative art to capture images that give a sense of depth and dimension.

With the adoption of the internet in the automotive industry, we understand that vehicle images are now the first visual touch-point you have with prospective customers, making it vital that the image sells the vehicle as much as it can.

Being one of the original pioneers of professional photography for the automotive industry, we have developed a unique style that showcases your vehicles to in a clear, definitive way, providing a range of solutions to suit your business needs.

Increased revenue

With a passion for corporate photography, commitment to quality, attention to detail and our own distinctive style, our imagery has helped our customers achieve significant brand awareness and increased revenue growth.

Image enhancement

A visual solution to improve the photography of vehicles, through the use of dropped in backgrounds and removal of any promotional decals, making your cars the main focus.

Quality management

We offer a visual solution to improve the photography of vehicles, through the use of dropped in backgrounds and removal of any promotional decals, making your vehicles the main focus.

Applied to both professional and dealer-taken images, the service allows you to enhance your online appearance through a more consistent level of imagery. Dropped in backgrounds also minimise the impact of sales people having to move vehicles around the forecourt, saving valuable resource time.

Quality assurance

Through our Quality Assurance, we guarantee that images used by our dealers online are the best possible reflection of their vehicles and brand.

Images to the highest standards

Our Quality Assurance service is a simple and effective way to ensure all vehicle photography is produced and displayed on line to the highest standards. Our comprehensive image checking delivers a consistent level of quality on every image, making sure the shots used always meet manufacturer standards and are fault-free.

Every image is thoroughly checked

Each image that receives our Quality Assurance check is thoroughly examined and assessed in five crucial areas:

  1. We ensure images are not blurred, too dark or too bright
  2. We check for marks on the lens, shadows, reflections and glare
  3. We ensure no damage or dirt is visible on the car
  4. We check for date and time stamps on the image
  5. We ensure the vehicle has been cropped correctly
Video on demand

ShowIT, a video app built for Apple mobile and tablet devices, lets dealers create and send bespoke video presentations to their consumers - anywhere in the world.

Benefits for dealers

ShowIT is a video app, built for Apple mobile and tablet devices that allows dealers to create and send bespoke video presentations to their consumers. With consumers demanding more information than ever when searching for cars online, the app allows dealers to personally engage with their consumers at an early stage in their research period.

An effective tool for any dealer wanting to increase engagement with their consumers. Using ShowIT, dealers can use personal interaction through video to build personal relationships with their consumers at every stage of the sales cycle; portraying their dealership as knowledgeable, approachable and easy to deal with, helping to increase their consumers’ trust and confidence to buy.

Great ways to make 'ShowIT' work

Here are a few examples of how dealers can use ShowIT to enhance their service;

  1. Respond fast to new and used vehicle questions
  2. Personalised test-drive follow-ups
  3. Visual way to upsell optional accessories
  4. Presenting vehicles that may be of interest
  5. Saying a simple ‘thank you for your custom’
  6. Introducing the team and business
  7. Injecting personality and bringing your brand to life

A tool designed to save time and improve the consistency of your vehicle imagery. Simply take the photos, SnapLot does the rest.

Shoot your own

You already know how important good vehicle images are in creating a great first impression, which ultimately drives leads and sales.

That’s why we’re introducing SnapLot, a streamlined way to capture great vehicle images and upload them automatically to your stock management system.

Take the perfect shot every time with a solution that offers:

    •    On-screen templates to improve consistency
    •    Automated shot list
    •    Automatic upload of your captured images
    •    The ability to photograph stock when it’s available
    •    Improved consistency and quality control
    •    Intuitive out of the box solution

To find out more about SnapLot contact the team on 01625 300 170.


Aftersales Solutions

Our Aftersales Solutions are tailored around the needs of your dealership and designed to manage key operational functions, including inbound and outbound calling, workshop and vehicle inspections, even the management analysis of your department.
Inbound calls

Maximising every incoming call for opportunities and customer satisfaction, the system ensures the perfecting booking for customers every time.

First-class customer service, every time

Customer service levels need to be consistently high if you want to make sure that customer relationships continue long after the vehicle is bought. To help, we will provide your team with carefully considered telephone scripts that deliver first class customer service and keep your customers loyal.

Keep your customers in the loop

In today’s busy dealership, it’s easy to lose track of your customers and their needs long after the original sale. Our aftersales systems will do all the organising for you, even automatically schedule reminder calls to let customers know when their next service is due.

Keeping your workshop productive

Your workshop is a major contributor to the success of your dealership, and keeping your team busy is important and necessary. Our automated workshop diary helps you manage every aspect of your service, MOT and repair division, providing real-time reports on work schedules and availability so you can deliver a well managed service.

Outbound calls

Automatically scheduling future calls ensures you contact your customers at exactly the right time to re-book services, MOTs or follow-up work.

Keeping you and your customers connected

Customers will stay loyal if they can see that your dealership adds real value. Using our outbound calling service, you can make sure your customer service team stays in touch with each customer; contacting them when appropriate to offer vital servicing, MOT or essential follow up work.

Make the most of every opportunity

Using our proven and scripted approach to each call helps you make the most of every sales opportunity too, even providing your team with effective ways of overcoming objections.

Workshop controls

Designed to help plan and manage the throughput of jobs, the workshop control feature uses a simple colour coded system to show the exact status of jobs, assisting the work of the service controller.

Deliver professional after-sales service

Our Workshop Control system helps you deliver a professional aftersales service by automatically managing key aspects of your workshop function.

From tracking your diary and monitoring work and availability by the hour, to automatically scheduling services, repairs and MOT work, our system helps you efficiently manage your workshop.

Vehicle inspection

Seamlessly integrated with the outbound module, the inspection services automatically updates diary entries for follow up work, generating repeat customer business.

An expert view of every vehicle, every time

Making an expert assessment of each vehicle and identifying any work needed can be a labour intensive process.

Many successful dealerships now take advantage of our vehicle inspection facility, using our hand held PDS to quickly inspect vehicles and produce accurate condition reports on components such brake pads, tyres, exhausts and more. This can then be fed seamlessly to your workshop, where repair and maintenance work can be scheduled and performed.

Online service booking

Integrate our automated online booking system and your customers can experience a more streamlined approach to scheduling their service.

For your customers’ convenience

Our Online Service Booking puts customers in full control of scheduling appointments with your workshop. Available 24/7, customers can access an up-to-date calendar showing which slots are currently available, then choose the one which suits them best. As soon as your customer selects their time slot, your system automatically updates and books them in.

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