Who we are

At Manheim we’re a family-owned business and leading UK provider of integrated products and services for the used vehicle industry.

With more than 100 years’ experience under our belt, we’ve already transformed and improved every stage of the vehicle lifecycle, including sales. Today, we run 16 UK auction centres as well as offering award-winning digital tools for online sales of cars and commercial vehicles. It makes us the perfect partner for buying and selling in-lane and online, wherever you are and however large or small your demand.

Car auction at Manheim

Our products and services

Clients love the simplicity of end-to-end solutions covering every stage of the vehicle lifecycle.

That’s because it doesn’t just make their day-to-day work easier, smoother and far less risky – it also makes their businesses more profitable too. To answer this need, we’ve created a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that perfectly fits the bill. Some of them are award winning, most of them are innovative, and every one of them is designed for profitability and delivered with total professionalism.

Auction Services

Physical auctions

•    Providing the environment, processes and professional staff to help make auctions smooth and efficient

•    Attracting enough of the right buyers to make auctions as profitable as possible for clients selling vehicles

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Digital auctions

•    A wide range of online options to make ‘virtual’ auctions easy and convenient for buyers and sellers

•    Automotive expertise and technological know-how deliver great value for buyers and maximum profits for sellers
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Mobile auctions

•    The full auction experience and all its services, carried out wherever you want

•    Professional auctioneers, a smooth process, and all the convenience of a location chosen by you

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•    Giving clients data, info and insight to help them make smarter decisions, in less time and with less risk
•    Using our expertise and knowledge to guide clients and create products and services that boost their profitability

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Vehicle Solutions


•    A highly-reliable and completely customised delivery service

•    Transporting vehicles as conveniently and cost-effectively as possible

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•    Adding value by improving vehicles’ cosmetic condition

•    Professional repairs to minor damage or wear & tear on bodywork and interiors

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•    Maximising value by presenting vehicles in the best condition possible

•    Professional cleaning and valeting with a range of options

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Inspection services

•    Recording vehicle conditions thoroughly and accurately

•    Supplying clear and detailed reports for more accurate valuations
•    Providing NAMA-accredited grading scores for easier comparison

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Channel management

•    Optimising profit margins and accelerating sales by carefully selecting the best sales channels

•    Applying up-to-date wholesale and retail market knowledge to maximise profitability

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The bigger picture

Manheim is part of Cox Automotive – a collection of brands covering every stage of the vehicle lifecycle and catering brilliantly for both the wholesale and retail sectors. Cox helps dealers, manufacturers, fleet and leasing companies to measurably boost their performance, adding long-term value to their assets in the process. It also helps our industry meet consumer needs by improving the owner experience – one more way of generating loyalty and increasing spend.

We know size isn’t everything and quality matters too, but we also know that scale and resources help clients enjoy a more complete and integrated service. Today, Cox Automotive has the world’s second largest portfolio in our sector, with 25 successful and complementary brands to its name. On top of that, it has 32,000 team members operating in more than 200 locations worldwide. In other words, it’s a business with the kind of expertise and financial foundations you can definitely count on.

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Inventory Solutions

Manheim Dealer-Auction.com Movex

Retail Solutions

Modix incadea

Media Solutions


Financial Solutions

NextGear Capital
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