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We’ve been helping our customers sell vehicles for decades. Let us share a little of our experience.

Helping you make the most of selling at Manheim

We’ve learned a lot during our time in the motor trade and we’re more than happy to share our experience. Our handy auction tips help show how you should prepare your vehicle for auction, and how you can get the most out of selling your vehicle at Manheim.

Let's begin with the documents and information
1. Please bring all the vehicle documentation
Before we can enter your vehicle into a Manheim auction, we first need to establish that you're the owner of the vehicle.

To help us do this, please bring the log book (V5C document) showing that you're the vehicle's registered keeper. Please also bring some photographic ID (either passport or driving licence) and a letter showing proof of address that matches the log book.

2. Remember to complete all the paperwork
It's also important that you complete all the sections on the entry form even if your car is being sold as seen.

3. Share your information
When completing the form, you must include full details about any outstanding hire purchase, or other finance, making it clear whether you want Manheim to settle the outstanding hire purchase from the proceeds of the sale directly with the finance house. Any deficit in the balance of outstanding finance after payment of the sale proceeds will have to be made by you directly.

Alternatively, we’ll hold the proceeds of the sale until the outstanding finance balance has been settled in full. We do this purely to ensure that the buyer is able to take full ownership of the vehicle and that it is free from any financial liability.

4. Tell buyers what they want to know
We understand that you want to get the best price for your vehicle, so we recommend that you always describe it as accurately as possible.

Think about all the things a buyer might want to know, such as the vehicle’s service history and number of previous owners, and any major extras that come with the car including air conditioning, SatNav, etc. This is your chance to tell potential bidders what makes your vehicle special.

In all circumstances please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions.

First impressions count

Which is why we always recommend that you make your vehicle look as good as it can. 

Remembering to wash and polish it sounds like such a basic thing, yet so many people overlook this. The same goes for cleaning the vehicle's interior too. 

Manheim’s professional onsite valeting service can help, as can our professional reconditioning teams who can expertly repair minor dents and scrapes, plus tears and marks to upholstery.

Also, please be completely honest and accurate when filling out the Mechanical Condition Section of the entry form.

Where a vehicle is not offered subject to Manheim SureCheck, it's sold without any promise with regards to its condition or quality. 

Remember, the way you describe your vehicle may influence the amount bidders are prepared to bid. Offering a vehicle with Manheim SureCheck will reduce the risk of your buyer encountering any unexpected issues which might result in the sale being cancelled.

Being honest when describing your vehicle will help you get a fair price and make sure buyers don't encounter any unexpected issues after the sale

Buyers like a little added assurance. Here's more...
For added reassurance, or perhaps if you have any doubts about the vehicle yourself, you can ask for a Manheim SureCheck inspection to be carried out.

This is Manheim's comprehensive check into the mechanical condition of your vehicle, carried out on-site by our highly trained inspectors. This also gives potential buyers added peace of mind and can make your vehicle more attractive to bidders.

Selling Tips

Think about setting a reserve price. Here's what it means.

You can set a reserve price on the entry form. This tells us the minimum value you'd like the vehicle to sell for and our auctioneer will only provisionally accept a bid below this, which you can choose to accept or not. Please be realistic though and if you’re unsure what your vehicle might be worth, our team is always on hand to help.

Make sure the mileage is accurate. It's the law.

Get the mileage right. You’ll need to be accurate when you complete the odometer reading on the entry form. For sellers, this is a legal requirement and you could be prosecuted and/or fined for any inaccurate description. 

Where next?

For more answers to the questions you want resolving, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


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