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Selling Costs

We like to make everything as straightforward as possible, including our costs.

We know that when it comes to buying and selling vehicles the process should be quick and straightforward, with the costs clearly set out.


Our auction fees are tailored to you

When it comes to the cost of selling vehicles at Manheim, there isn't a fixed fee. Our auction costs and fees vary depending on which auction centre you use and which Manheim products and services you select.

There are a number of additional products and services you may choose to take advantage of when selling your vehicle through Manheim, including;

Collection & storage - let us pick up and securely store your vehicle ahead of the auction.

Valeting & reconditioning - we'll get your vehicle looking its best, even repair minor damage.

Manheim SureCheck - our IMI approved and NAMA accredited inspectors check major vehicle components to give buyers peace of mind.

Make selling your vehicles even easier by letting Manheim take care of everything, from collection and inspection to repairs and even valeting

No hidden extras when you sell at Manheim. We promise.

Once you've decided where you want to sell your vehicle and which additional services you'd like, we'll tell you exactly what selling your vehicle at Manheim will cost.

For large fleet operators and members of the trade looking to sell a high volume of vehicles, we can offer a more tailored fee and service structure. Please call us on 0333 136 1750 for more details, or contact us here.

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