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In-life services

Helping to keep fleets running.
In life services

Prolonging a vehicle’s lifecycle

There inevitably comes a time when a vehicle in your fleet isn’t being used, so whilst it’s in storage at one of our facilities, it’s vital to make sure that it remains roadworthy for your next customer.

We can undertake in-life mechanical servicing and inspections to ensure the continued safety and roadworthiness of your vehicles, alongside a comprehensive maintenance programme to reduce the effects of adverse weather conditions on vehicles in long-term storage.

In life services

All makes and models covered

We’ve built strong connections with multiple vehicle manufacturers, enabling us to have a direct supply of spare parts for certain makes and models, and we also work closely with various part suppliers to ensure we can service any vehicle onsite.

In life services

Expertise and scale

Across our six UK sites, we process over 250,000 vehicles a year meaning we can offer a scalable service to meet your needs. Vehicles are process and managed by fully trained and qualified technicians with experience working on a wide spectrum of vehicle makes and models.

Through our acquisition of C. Walton Ltd., we’ve invested heavily in infrastructure, technologies and expertise to ensure we can offer whole-life vehicle services to manufacturers, fleets and dealers of any size.

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