Selling Rules

Just a few simple rules we've put in place to keep our auctions problem free.

Every Manheim car and commercial vehicle auction is fast-paced and exciting. The auction hall itself can be noisy, with lots going on and vehicles constantly on the move. So it’s important that we keep the environment as safe as possible for everyone.

Stay safe, for everyone's benefit

It's really important that everyone stays safe at each Manheim auction. This includes our customers who come to buy and sell vehicles, and the auction centre team who work hard to make this possible. So, to help us keep the environment as safe as possible, please don’t walk between vehicles that are moving or being marshalled. 

Manheim drivers only please

This one sounds more like common sense than a rule, but it's really important that only Manheim authorised people are allowed to start up or drive any vehicle entered into the auction. Again, it's to help us keep the environment safe and make buying and selling at every Manheim auction as efficient as possible.

Please remember that smoking isn't allowed in any enclosed or undercover area at all Manheim auction centres

Online bidding is exclusive to members of the trade

Manheim's online auctions are only available for registered trade buyers

Sometimes, we might need to ask your age

You must be aged 17 or older to buy a vehicle at a Manheim car or commercial vehicle auction. So, if you’re fortunate enough to look young for your age, please don’t be offended if we ask you to provide proof.

By following these few simple rules, we can all help to keep the Manheim auction environment safe for everyone

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