Selling Benefits

There’s a huge network of buyers at every Manheim auction, all looking for vehicles. 

Whether you have a single vehicle to sell or an entire fleet to dispose of, selling at Manheim offers many advantages. For instance, there’s all the time you’ll save by letting us handle everything, and all the hassle you'll cut out too. 

You'll get direct access to our large network of eager buyers, all competing on the day to buy your car or commercial vehicle - in a physical sale and online. Plus our payment process aims to get funds to you within days.

Serious buyers, serious about buying

Almost every person at a Manheim auction comes to buy a vehicle, this means there are no time wasters - just serious buyers.

You'll find hundreds of buyers attend each auction, all competing to buy vehicles

Sold in 60 seconds. Vehicles sell fast at Manheim

Our auctions run like clockwork. The vehicles come in, the buyers compete, the bids flow and the hammer falls. 

We've been running vehicle auctions for over 100 years and in that time, we've developed a professional and efficient process. As you'd expect, our auctioneers and their teams are all highly experienced professionals, and it usually takes them about a minute to sell each vehicle. Sometimes it’s even quicker. So when it comes to selling vehicles, there's no faster way.


Set the price you want

Whether you're selling cars, vans or even trucks at Manheim, you'll always want the best price for your vehicle. So we do everything we can to try and help you achieve that.

Each vehicle must be given a reserve price before entering the auction; this is the minimum sale price you'll accept. Setting a reserve price is a facility we make available on all vehicles under 8 years old and valued at over £1,000, and we can help you set your reserve by giving an overview of current market conditions, if requested.

Once your reserve price is set, Manheim's auctioneer will work hard to make sure bidding reaches this amount before allowing your vehicle to sell. If the highest bid fails to reach your reserve price, our auctioneer will announce there is a provisional sale. This doesn't strictly mean the vehicle is sold; when we contact you to tell you there's been a provisional sale of your vehicle you can still choose to accept or decline the bid.

Let Manheim take care of everything, from collecting and inspecting vehicles, to repairs and even valeting

You're in complete control
Like many sellers, you can choose to let Manheim do all the hard work for you, including inspecting your vehicles, carrying out repairs and reconditioning, even providing a thorough valet to get vehicles looking their best. You'll always remain in complete control of your vehicle until it sells.

Where next?

For more answers to the questions you want resolving, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


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